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Dr.  Jody O'Quinn, D.D.S.

Dental Services

     •     Teeth Cleanings:  Traditional teeth cleaning as well as scaling and root planing.

     •     Teeth Bleaching:  We offer both in office and take home teeth bleaching.

     •     Oral Cancer Screening:  We conduct oral cancer screens on our patients.

     •     Sealants:  Sealants are used to protect permanent teeth from decay.

     •     Fillings:  Both amalgam (metal) and composite resin (white) fillings.

     •     Crowns:  We offer porcelain, porcelain fused to metal and full gold crowns.

     •     Extractions:  Extractions are performed when a tooth can no longer be restored.

     •     Root Canals:  Root canals are needed when a tooth is infected and/or abscessed.

     •     Dentures:  Teeth are beyond restoration, we offer removable upper and lower dentures.

     •     Bridges:  Bridges replace single missing teeth, cemented into place and not removable.

     •     Partials:  Partials are used to replace multiple missing teeth.  Partials are removable.

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